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Empowering Healthcare in Eastern Uganda: USAID's RHITES-EC Initiative

USAID’s Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services in Eastern Uganda (RHITES-EC) initiative is a dedicated effort aimed at elevating healthcare outcomes across 12 districts in Eastern Uganda. With a population of approximately 4.4 million, this region benefits from USAID’s collaboration with the Ministry of Health, which seeks to enhance access to high-quality healthcare services.

Across this coverage area, a network of over 500 healthcare facilities operates, providing a comprehensive range of services. Of particular note, 130 of these facilities prioritize essential HIV treatment, including Antiretroviral Therapy (ART). Jinja Regional Referral Hospital holds a significant role as the sole tertiary-level facility in the region. Through the RHITES-EC initiative, USAID demonstrates its steadfast commitment to establishing accessible and exceptional healthcare services in Eastern Uganda, creating a positive impact on countless lives within this critical region.

RHITES-EC actively works on building district capacity to effectively manage and deliver quality health services both at the facility and community levels. The initiative has achieved substantial progress toward its goals, often surpassing targets, as evidenced by the achievements mentioned below.

HIV/TB Service Delivery: RHITES-EC has exceeded annual expectations for crucial aspects of HIV case identification, treatment initiation, retention in care, and coverage of viral load testing and suppression for individuals living with HIV in East Central Uganda. These accomplishments are contributing to Uganda’s strides toward controlling the HIV epidemic. Key factors behind these achievements include effective index client testing, robust client and peer support programs, and the immediate linkage of clients to care upon diagnosis. Additionally, the initiative has played a pivotal role in national efforts to reduce HIV/TB coinfection by successfully implementing TB preventive therapy for eligible patients.

In a collaborative effort, I had the privilege of partnering with USAID/RHITES-EC to develop a photobank showcasing their program activities, capturing the essence of their impactful work in the region.


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